Reflective Friends: Teaching Colleagues in Action

Reflective Friends is an established professional development process that uses school-based data to promote collaboration between instructional leaders and classroom educators.  One partner, a large urban school district in central Virginia, has leveraged Reflective Friends to promote 21st century skills-based teaching and learning outcomes throughout all 68 of its elementary, middle and high schools. Since 2009, ALP instructional coaches have facilitated Reflective Friends visits to support districts and train site leadership teams, instructional technology coaches, and central administrators.

Advanced Learning Partnerships, Dell Computers, and several other districts implementing new technology employ Reflective Friends as a leadership development process and to provide schools with formative data on their capacity as 21st century learning centers.

Additional ALP partners implementing Reflective Friends include:

  • a small rural school system in Virginia
  • a medium-sized school system on the South Carolina coast
  • a medium-sized school system outside Raleigh, North Carolina
  • an urban school system in western Virginia
  • a medium-sized public school system in central Iowa

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"Reflective Friends is among the best professional development experiences I have had. Working through issues with colleagues and consultants within the context of an actual school day gives me more experience and a typical ‘PD’ seminar. It also allows me to network with people outside of my building. Thanks for the opportunity to support this initiative.”

— Principal, school district