Collaborative Design and Implementation of 1:1 Partnerships

Currently in the third consecutive partnership year, a small district in rural Oklahoma has commissioned ALP to support the district’s 1:1 laptop initiative across its middle and high schools. At the outset of each academic year, site principals and ALP leadership coaches devise a plan to utilize a pre-determined number of face-to-face and virtual consulting days. This year, the middle school principals co-developed a capacity-building plan to accomplish the following outcomes: 

  • A two-day Summer Institute designed to train Instructional Coaches, Department Chairs to support teachers and students as schools launches the 1:1 technology rich learning environment.
  • In three virtual sessions between August and October, the ALP leadership coach guided school leaders in crafting a plan to engage teachers in utilizing resources, strategies and techniques leveraged during the Summer Institute. This produced concrete deliverables that allowed site leadership to communicate clear expectations for classroom management and curriculum design in a 1:1 classroom.
  • The ALP coaches and site principals aligned three classroom coaching days to coincide with PLC meetings, which allows the leadership coaches to model best practice while continuously challenging leadership capacity in the building. Virtually, the ALP coach collaborates with the site leadership teams at each building to build a continuous improvement process into their walkthrough and teacher evaluation protocols, promoting improved transparency and dialog around professional growth.

“I am very proud of our partnership with ALP and results of our collaboration. All three ALP coaches who have helped site and central administrative teams with the high and middle school technology initiatives have been excellent facilitators and deep resources. Thank you very much for your support—both face to face and virtual.”

                                                                     — Director of Technology, Oklahoma School District