Each partnership is a unique journey 

As educators, we have found that "one-size-fits-all" professional development does not lead to meaningful change. As with students, real growth occurs when we differentiate and personalize each educator's learning. 

Our coaching model integrates the voice and vision of the educators with whom we work. 

ALP's diverse work has supported initiatives that include, but are not limited to: innovation and technology integration, personalized learning, formative assessment, literacy intervention, new teacher residency programs, and project and inquiry-based learning. 

Explore further below or in our Field Notes to learn more about our work in schools.

Coaching and Modeling: Most professional learning with ALP takes place where it can be seamlessly applied and implemented - in the classroom. We embed our services in the day to day work of educators who are committed to providing innovative and dynamic learning opportunities for students. 

Fresh, Customized, and Practical Training: Working closely with district partners, we customize our Learning Institutes and larger group training to support existing initiatives and develop desired competencies in educator teams.  We continuously update and refine our innovative curriculum to meet the needs and amplify strengths of our partners. 

Developing Technology Leaders: We target technology specialists and leaders within districts in a train-the-trainer model. Our goal is to leave each education system with a team of internal experts who can implement, sustain, and innovate beyond our partnership.